One of the latest Ford technology updates includes the optional OTA updates on their Ford F-150 trucks, which allows drivers to update their vehicle over the air while they are driving. Another advanced feature is FordPass Connect, which allows drivers to remotely lock or unlock their car from anywhere using a smart device. With this handy feature, drivers can check the status of their car and schedule remote start times as well.

Ford is continuously updating its vehicles with new technology to make driving easier and safer. It also features a Trailer Theft alert system that will alert drivers in Yorkville, NY anytime there is a break-in attempt on the trailer. Drive with the peace of mind that your trailer is safe and secured.

The Ford F-150 here at Steet-Ponte Ford also comes standard with the Trailer Light Check. Before beginning your trip, you can use this feature to verify if your trailer lights work properly. Since you cannot see the rear of the trailer, this will give you confidence that all systems are working.

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