The 2022 Ford EcoSport complements its exterior with many features to assist its driver. In addition to being a compact SUV, it also maintains a sleek profile to keep the modern influence. As far as other exterior features are concerned, the Ford EcoSport here at Steet Ponte Ford includes power-heated side mirrors with signal indicators to ensure they'll always remain clear from any fog as well as to add another form of signal-turning.

The roof of the vehicle has side rails installed to better secure any items placed on top, such as small boats or mattresses. There are also halogen quad-beam projector headlamps with LED signature lighting to immensely brighten the roads of Yorkville, NY during a drive at night. In addition to the aforementioned headlamps, the Ford EcoSport also includes fog lamps utilized whenever it rains. Finally, features such as the cap-free fuel filler and rear swing gate serve as quality-of-life improvements compared to their previous methods.

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