The Ford EcoSport is one of the smaller SUVs made by Ford. Even though it may be a little smaller, it is still a powerful vehicle with plenty of space to transport family and friends. The Ford EcoSport has been conveniently designed with features that make driving safer.

The Ford EcoSport is equipped with a Blind-Spot Alert System. This system monitors for cars coming up alongside you. If a vehicle is detected, an alert flashes in one of the side view mirrors. The EcoSport also come with cross-traffic alert. Sensors in the vehicle monitor for traffic up to 15 yards away. When you back up, an alert sounds and a warning light flashes if another vehicle is detected.

These are just a few of the technology features found on the Ford EcoSport. Come to Steet-Ponte Ford Lincoln in Yorkville for a test drive. The friendly sales staff will be able to assist with your questions.



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