While most people in Yorkville, NY recognize safety as being an important aspect of car ownership, not many recognize just how safety-focused technology has come over the years. One of America’s most iconic SUVs, the 2022 Ford Explorer, is packed full of some incredibly advanced new safety features.

One lifesaving safety feature available to Ford Explorer drivers, Automatic Emergency Braking, acts to detect oncoming frontal impacts and apply the vehicle’s brakes on your behalf in order to prevent a crash. Another, more popular safety feature of the 2022 Ford Explorer here at Steet-Ponte Ford is called Cross-Traffic Alert. While safely reversing out of parking spots, the Cross-Traffic Alert feature will act to alert you through audible and visual cues when other cars are driving past you.

Last, as one of the most convenient highway driving safety features, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control lets 2022 Ford Explorer drivers follow the car in front of them at a safe distance without the need to constantly accelerate and decelerate.

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