Ford Motors has a long history of producing some of the finest muscular vehicle models. The Ford Mustang is popular for its speed and power. It is the favorite for Ford gearheads who prioritize style and extreme performance.

Latest model years of the Ford Mustang come standard with new features to enhance performance of the car and make it more attractive to buyers and offer an enjoyable driving experience. These features include:

• Electronic Line Lock: This feature locks the front brakes electronically so that you can do a burnout on your launch pad or drag strip.
• Launch Control: This feature optimizes engine performance in order to get maximum acceleration off the line when accelerating from a stoplight or other low-speed situation.
• Drag Strip Mode: This feature optimizes transmission programming, suspension settings, and powertrain operation in order to help achieve maximum acceleration and efficiency.

Whether you are looking for an every day errand sedan or a powerful car for the race track, the Ford Mustang has got you covered.


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